Sometimes being able to communicate your ideal blonde color or that rich chocolate brown color to your stylist can be quite challenging. Sometimes your idea of “golden blonde” is not the stylist idea of “golden blonde”. The best way to communicate the color you have in mind is by showing your stylist a photo. I have clients that come in with 10 different pictures.

That’s usually VERY overwhelming for me as a stylist because in each picture there are usually about 2-3 different shades of colors, no matter what the color may be.
I normally have my clients narrow it down to 2-3 pictures and then I have them narrow it down to one. Once we determine what the client wants, we discuss the client’s hair color history.

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It is so important, to be honest with your stylist. This information will determine what direction the stylist needs to take to get you to your “ideal” color. With every color we do, there’s a process and sometimes the answer may be no. I know that’s not what a client wants to hear but the most important thing is to protect the integrity of the client’s hair.

We see so many color trends on tv, magazines, Social media, that sometimes we think we can go from a dark brown to a platinum blonde in a couple hours. That is definitely a process and it will take time and patience from both the stylist and the client. Booking a color consultation will put you at ease and will answer all your questions in regards to the process, technique and cost.

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