Mane Atelier is the known Dallas hair extension specialist.

Researching hair extensions can get very complicated. There are many factors that go into hair extensions such as what brand and what type would be best suited for you. It would be difficult to get all your questions and concerns answered just through the Internet.

By booking a free consultation at Mane Atelier, I can answer your questions in a simple, clear, and straightforward way.

In this consultation, I would provide you with all the information on the many different types of extensions that would work best with your hair, how to maintain them, specific pricing and maintenance details. I would recommend a certain brand and extension type that is catered towards your lifestyle, hair type and desired result. Hair extensions are not a one size fits all. This is why I offer a variety of different extensions. I always put my client’s best interest first. I want to point my client in the right direction even if the answer is no. I understand that hair extensions are not for everybody.

Why do women wear hair extensions?

When people think of hair extensions, they primarily think of length. However, the many hair extensions that I have done on my clients are to add volume. Whatever your reason for wanting hair extensions may be whether it be added length, fullness, and/or volume, let me help achieve your desired results!

There are many bad hair extensions stories going around today, especially with the increasing popularity of hair extensions. In reality, there are many factors that go into a bad hair extension experience.

On the stylist’s end, learning how to install hair extensions is truly a craft that needs to be learned and perfected. Learning how to install hair extensions properly is up there with learning how cut, color, and style hair. It takes dedication and passion for being able to make extensions look seamless and flawless. An inexperienced stylist may have applied the wrong type of hair extensions needed for your hair. An attachment too heavy or too strong may cause damage to your hair. This is why a consultation is necessary so we can discuss hair extensions that are best suited for you.

In addition, hair extensions require proper products to protect your natural hair. Hair extensions do take a bit longer to style and it is important to not neglect the proper products your hair needs. Hair extensions also need to be maintained through regular salon visits. Depending on the type of extensions a person gets, the stylists should recommend how often to come in for maintenance. Not following up on these visits could increase potential damage to your own hair.

However, with that being said, do not let a horror story about hair extensions keep you from experiencing the great benefits from hair extensions. Hair extensions are a great solution to achieve fuller, voluminous, and longer hair.

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