Mane Atelier Hair Salon offers a variety of services to meet your needs.

Prices listed on the hair salon services menu are a starting point.
They are subject to change to meet the customer’s requests.

Mane Atelier Hair Salon

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Mane Atelier Hair Salon Menu of Services


Short $65 +
Medium $75 +
Long $85 +

Hair Treatments

Deep Conditioning Masque $30 +
Deep Conditioning Masque w/Blowout $80 +
Brazilian Blowout Split End Repair $45 +
Olaplex Color Insurance $20 +
B3 Color Insurance $20 +

Mane Atelier Beauty Salon

Hair Color & Highlights

Single Process Hair Color $95 +
Single Process Hair Color Full Strand $125 +
Root Re-Touch $90 +
Spot Lights $130 +
Partial Poil Highlights $135 +
Full Full Highlights $160 +
Hand Painted Highlights $175 +
Ombre $200 +
Gloss/Base Break Treatment $45 +
Toner Application $55 +
Color Correction To Be Determined by a Color Correction Consultation

Brazilian Blowout & Keratin Treatments

Short Length $275 +
Medium Length $300 +
Long Length $325 +

Easilengths Tape-In Hair Extensions

Basic Volume $375 +
Full Volume $530 +
Basic Length $710 +
Full Length $940 +

Quikkies Tape-In Hair Extensions by Hairdreams

Basic Volume $350 +
Full Volume $580 +
Basic Length $760 +
Full Length $990 +
Repairs $15/Each

Great Lengths/Hairdreams Fusion Hari Extensions
Prices Start at $700 +

Tidy Cut Starts at $115
Removal Starts at $150 + per hour

Balmain/Cinderalla Fusion Hair Extensions
Prices Start at $650

Tidy Cut Starts at $115
Removal Starts at $150 per hour

Balmain/Double Hair Extensions

Basic Volume $360 +
Full Volume $550 +
Basic Length $720 +
Full Length $850 +
Repairs $15 +

Klix Hair Extensions

Full Volume $450 +
Full Length $850 +
Move-Up (Every 4-6 weeks) $150/per hour

Wedding Hair/On Location Shoot or Filming

Bridal Style $145 +
Bridesmaid Style $115 +
Half Day On-Site $750 +
Full Day On-Site $1000 +

If you have any questions about the services or pricing, feel free to Contact Us today!

Mane Atelier also provides for all of your professional hair care products needs! We proudly use UNITE Products in the salon. 

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